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Telephoto Dragonflies

The experiments continue with the Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens.  It is proving to be a great lens to use with insects that fly away if you try and get too close! While chasing butterflies I came across this Common Clubtail dragonly, flitting through the grass.  He did stop long enough for me to take some […]

Telephoto Butterflies!

We have never been able to get close enough to butterflies to photograph them properly.  Perhaps it is something to do with my looming presence!  But with Cara’s new Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens I managed to get some passable shots of the “spotty ones[1]” and the “blue ones[1]”.  Macro would be better, but this is […]

Yellow and Black Dragonflies

During a riverside work session clearing vegetation, we suddenly noticed a lot of black and yellow dragonflies, resting on the waterside vegetation (right).  We soon managed to find them just emerging from their larval stage (below). These dragonflies are Common Clubtail Gomphus vulgatissimus (Fr. le Gomphus tres commun) (Thanks to Susan Walter for the ID). […]