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I am a geologist, so I like shiny rocks and crystals!  Although having been a professional geologist for overthirty years, I didn’t really start collecting fossils and crystals until very recently, after a chance visit to a mineral shop in Warsaw.  Once the bug had bitten, I needed to get out in to the field […]


The floral diversity and associated insect and small mammal populations make our terrain a great location for reptiles. We see plenty of snakes, which are dominated by yellow-collared grass snakes and great western whipsnakes (up to 1.5m). We also commonly see adders, one of which bit our dog a few years back. The first snake […]

Cloudy Timelapse

Timelapse has always intrigued me.  I assumed it must be really difficult and time consuming!  I was quite surprised when I eventually tried it and found it was quite straight forward, but like all things, it is finding the right thing to capture.  This was my first attempt.  Hopefully there will be more to come. […]