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Yellow and Black Dragonflies

During a riverside work session clearing vegetation, we suddenly noticed a lot of black and yellow dragonflies, resting on the waterside vegetation (right).  We soon managed to find them just emerging from their larval stage (below). These dragonflies are Common Clubtail Gomphus vulgatissimus (Fr. le Gomphus tres commun) (Thanks to Susan Walter for the ID). […]

Joffreny Frogs

green frog

During one of our orchid hunting forays into the Chateau Joffreny park next door, Greg took the opportunity to photograph some of the frogs in the “River Anglaise”. There were a lot of frogs making a lot of noise and there seemed to be two varieties, and possibly even some hybrids. According to “La Passion […]

Visiting Sparrowhawk

We like to attract birds to the garden with our bird feeding stations.  What we hadn’t anticipated was that the bird-feeding station would become a feeding station for the Sparrowhawk!  These are few quick shots taken from the bedroom window of the Sparrowhawk eyeing up the sparrows in the bush below the tit box. he […]